Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Unsurprising headlines: McCaskill vs. Akin

From a Kansas City newspaper:

McCaskill surges; Akin abortion comments draw fire

Somewhere I read that Akin is a big target in this election. With his crazy-ass comment about "legitimate rape" never resulting in pregnancy, he created a corps of sworn opponents who will be pouring through his statements as far back as they can.

So far today, they've unearthed his comments about abortion doctors giving fake abortions to non-pregnant women. Oh, and abortionists are also domestic terrorists.

These fervent anti-abortion folks need to talk to some real people who've had abortions. Right now they're living in a fantasy land on the topic of abortion. They need a dose of reality. Reality is the antidote to most kinds of delusional thinking, and it's equally effective no matter which way the skew occurs.

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