Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A binder full of women

It's the one moment of the debate that I saw in real time. It sounded quite condescending to me, that Romney knew so few capable women managers that he had to go to third parties, and then received "a binder full of women."

My sweetie put an interesting spin on it:
"Probably a lot of Mormon men have a binder full of women."

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Anonymous said...


That's what I thought, too. He needed help finding qualified women? So he went to "women's groups"? Like the weekday tennis league at the country club?

I actually didn't recall the "binder" reference until I heard it later. As it sinks in just how sexist that comment was, I suspect that many women will lose their favorable impression of Romney that he cultivated so carefully in the first debate. And the worst part for him is it also sounded rehearsed, as if it was something he thought women would like to hear.

Interestingly, some women in the MSNBC focus group did like that he had women, but I suspect cognitive dissonance will settle in and their will realize that it was just a weak pander. I suspect that "women in a binder" will be this week's "47%".