Saturday, October 20, 2012

Romney's outreach to Mormons

Romney has been trying to play up his generous and human side since the Republican convention. He gives a lot of money to the Mormon church, and devotes personal time to local Mormons in need. So there was a lot of choice when it came to the testimonials Romney could highlight.

However, this anti-testimonial caught my eye. There's no generosity of spirit in this story, even though the family was as worthy as the others. (Caveat: the lede to the story rehashes the-dog-on-top-of-the-car. You can skip it easily and get to the advice he gave an ailing mother of four.)

I don't think one story should be significant in the course of the election. Considering that, I don't why this story affected me so much, but it did. I suppose I'm so tired of men telling women what to do when they should be listening to what it's like to be a women facing an immensely difficult decision.


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