Thursday, August 2, 2012

Acting like a 1-year-old

This blog is having a birthday. It was born because of the turmoil of political ideas that swarmed my head last August. There has barely been a lull since then. Here are some stats:
  • Pageviews so far:               15,107 (but not every visit gets counted)
  • Posts:                                          233
  • Comments:                                568
  • Censored comments:                  5
  • Top five posts:   
  1. Cross of Gold--because many people search for images of gold
  2. My budget proposal 
  3. The truth about media bias 
  4. Ron Paul - Missing in the media 
  5. The Political Lie Machine: Dems caused the mortgage meltdown
    • Surprising places where my blog has been read: Laos, Myanmar, Mongolia, Jamaica (I wouldn't read this if I was in Jamaica), Burkina Faso.
    • Ambitions:                Who knows.
    Thanks to all the readers and especially to those who comment, thus making this blog a group project. Please keep coming.

    Happy Birthday with occasional profanity


    A Political Junkie said...

    Congrats. I know only too well how much effort goes into keeping blogs going. It truly is a thankless job but, on the other hand, the reward of getting to vent is priceless.

    Keep up the great work. Even though I don't comment all that often on your blog, I read most postings. Again, on the upside, I always enjoy your postings on my blog, particularly when you get "into it" with someone. At least then I know that I've made people think; the entire point of the exercise.

    ModeratePoli said...

    @PJ, Making people think is the whole point, isn't it? Starting with ourselves, of course.

    A Political Junkie said...

    Exactly. Since I've been writing, I find that, at least now, I can put two relatively coherent thoughts together...usually.