Monday, August 13, 2012

Short: A gun isn't enough

I was following a news link about Eric Holder, "reefer madness," and Fast and Furious. Not surprisingly, it led to a conservative website, the Daily Caller. It was the usual tripe about Fast and Furious with a twist that Holder started major marijuana busts in California, which were connected in some unexplained way.  And it was also "highly cited" in the alternative universe where Fast and Furious is a major issue. So much for that.

However, what I saw then was interesting:
A 12 Gauge Won't Save You
Discover What Federal Agents & The Army Don't Want You To Know
Does the NRA know that having a gun isn't enough? It's not going to be an armed citizenry that saves us from the amazing number of whackos out there. Those armed citizens also need close combat training. I guess our goose is cooked.

What I'm wearing out now.

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