Friday, August 3, 2012

Short: Romney's shrinking economic plan

Romney's economic plan has shrunk from 87 pages to 1 page. It can now be thrown into a Cuisinart and turned into fine confetti.

Throughout this phase of the campaign, Romney has acted as though we don't need, want, or deserve specific information about his political and economic plans. What we really is need to do is to BELIEVE, with all our hearts, that Romney and the GOP can revive our economy and our country.

Sorry, no dice. I haven't ever believed fairy tales. Romney had better show he can fly if he wants me to believe in pixie dust. 


Extra: Now that Romney is saying "Put up or shut up" as part of his campaign (in response to Harry Reid), maybe that will be repeated back to him. It certainly applies to a lot of topics: his budget cuts, his economic plan to create 12 million new jobs, his tax returns. If the Dems are smart, Romney will be sorry he ever said those words. 

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